Test Prep Masters is a company that focuses on providing clients with premium educational services. We distinguish ourselves by the team we've assembled -- a dedicated, talented and passionate group.

We are an elite group of tutors centered in the heart of Sheepshead Bay, just one block away from the Sheepshead Bay Station. We work with students across all grades and all ages, and consistently produce significant results for our students. All of our tutors are highly qualified professionals who have years of experience, a proven track record with students, and are exemplary test takers themselves. In fact, almost all of our tutors have scored in the 99th percentile for their respective tests, several of whom have achieved perfect scores.

Collectively, we tutor most subjects offered at the grade school and college level, ranging from middle school admissions tests (i.e. Mark Twain), up to graduate-level test preparation. In particular, we specialize in test preparation for high-school and college admissions tests, such as the SHSAT, SAT, and ACT. Our tutors have been specifically trained to impart the intuition and techniques behind acing exams.

In addition to these exams, we routinely work with students on Regents and AP exams to ensure that they scores in their respective top percentiles.

Students who work with Test Prep Masters become masters themselves: they always leave with a deeper understanding of their subject, and a confidence that routinely carries over into the rest of their life.

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